Regional Revenue Manager - Jumia (Full time)

Who we are: Jumia Group


Jumia is the leading e-commerce player in Africa. Jumia was founded in 2012 in Nigeria with a clear mission, to relentlessly build the most effortless and reliable online shopping environment, providing consumers with the widest range of genuine products at low prices. Jumia now expanded to 15 countries, has 4,000 employees across Africa, integrated most of the value chain from our own delivery fleet to our customer service and our own warehouse.

Jumia is part of Jumia Group, a leading global incubator of startups specialized in e-commerce. Jumia Group is Africa's leading internet firm, with already over 8,000 employees in over 28 African countries and huge successes such as Jumia Mall, Jumia Food, Jumia Cars, Jumia House and Jumia Travel. It is led by very talented people offering a great mix of local and international profiles. 

Jumia Group has now 7 investors, MTN, Millicom, Rocket Internet, Axa, Orange, CDC and Goldman Sachs. Early 2016, the group received more than 500M USD funding, valuing the company at over 1bn USD

Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, offering excellent opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment. Its economic growth has enabled innovative businesses to flourish and this is where Jumia Group steps in.

We are currently looking for exceptional people to join our team and embark on an exciting journey


The job we offer: Revenue Manager

The Revenue Manager is in charge of making Jumia progressively profitable by working mostly on the gross margin* aspect of the P&L. 

As part of his job, the Revenue Manager will have to show a great understanding of ecommerce and the marketplace, developing streams of services for our sellers and our customers, ensuring by this a road to profitability for Jumia.

The Revenue Manager will be interacting mostly with C-Levels at Jumia, at holding level, group level and country level. It will definitely be a key success factor for him to engage the senior leadership team into what he identified as the next generation of revenue stream.

As our profitability also relies on our topline, the Revenue Manager will be strongly committed with all commercial directors to ensure our new revenue streams do not negatively impact the top line. 

Based on his expertise, the revenue manager will also be the owner of most inventory decisions as well as budgets dedicated to investments into prices (e.g voucher).

*Gross margin being composed of: marketplace commission, retail margin, shipping fee revenues, vendors penalties, vendors value added services, logistics fees. 

Your position as Revenue Manager entails:


  • Monitoring all countries’ profitability path with a strong focus on gross margin
  • Controlling voucher budgets
  • Controlling inventory
    • Minimizing company risk on inventory
    • Ensuring a healthy rolling stock
    • Proposing smart, nimble pricing model optimizing margin at product level
  • Developing the next generation of revenue streams, focused on providing more services to our sellers and our customers
  • Assessing the efficiency of all revenue streams
  • Benchmarking and challenging countries on their profitability path
  • Presenting status versus investor BP to Jumia Group top management

A successful candidate will fulfil the following requirements:


  • Ecommerce driven
  • Very structured
  • Very analytical
  • Very organized
  • Strong ability to convince and drive local top management on group decisions
  • Great inter-personal skills
  • Resistant to stress
  • Autonomous
  • Finding simple solutions to complex problems


Expected background and technical skills:


  • 3+ years experience in consulting (BCG, Bain, McKinsey), 3+ years experience in ecommerce (Amazon, Alibaba, etc.), 3+ years in top banks
  • Top 1% Business / Engineering Schools and Universities