Country Lead, Institutional Affairs - Jumia (Full Time)

Jumia is a leading e-commerce platform in Africa. It is built around a marketplace, Jumia Logistics, and JumiaPay. The marketplace helps millions of consumers and sellers to connect and transact. Jumia Logistics enables the delivery of millions of packages through our network of local partners. JumiaPay facilitates the payments of online transactions for Jumia's ecosystem. With over 1 billion people and 500 million internet users in Africa, Jumia believes that e-commerce is making people's lives easier by helping them shop and pay for millions of products at the best prices wherever they live. E-commerce is also creating new opportunities for SMEs to grow, and job opportunities for a new generation to thrive.

With over 5,000 employees in more than 10 countries in Africa, Jumia is led by top talented leaders offering a great mix of local and international talents and is backed by very high-profile shareholders. Jumia is committed to creating sustainable impact in Africa. Jumia offers unique opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment, creating new jobs, new skills, and empowering a new generation.  

Job Objective:

Institutional Affairs is responsible for developing and managing the Nonmarket strategy in each country. Similar to market strategies, ultimately the Country CEO is accountable for the development and execution of both market and nonmarket strategy in each country.

The nonmarket strategy recognizes that our company is perceived externally as a social and political being not just an economic entity. Because we create and distribute value, a plethora of actors seek to influence us formally, through laws and regulation, and informally, through social pressure, activism and efforts to shape the public perception of our business. 

This role thus exists to engage with our nonmarket environment, helping shape the rules of the game in our favour and reducing the risk of being hemmed in by external actors. 


The Country IA Lead is responsible for identifying potential issues that could impact us from the actions of various interest groups in our environment, and developing and executing a playbook to successfully address the issues. 

  • Have a deep understanding of Jumia’s business model and the external parties that our business interfaces with.

  • Understand the socio-cultural and political landscape of the country and the possible issues/pressure points that could emerge or that have already emerged and how they could impact the business. 

  • Frame the issues and quantify the “social risk” of these issues (Probability of occurrence X Impact) so that the business can allocate resources effectively to risk mitigation

  • Understand the life cycle stage of each issue and the best approach to adopt in addressing the issue

  • Utilize the Market/Nonmarket 2 by 2 matrix to determine/uncover the full scope of potential responses to issues

  • Recognize that every issue exists in a complex market and nonmarket environment and there could sometimes be market responses to a nonmarket issue and vice versa

  • Use the IA3 Framework in developing an effective playbook for mitigating/managing or eliminating all the issues 

  • Work collaboratively with internal functional leads as well as external parties (consultants, competitors, regulators, industry groups, media, PR agencies, social activists) as needed in executing the issue playbooks to Jumia’s advantage. 

Skills and Attributes:

  • This role requires a generalist with solid business and managerial experience plus access to local business and socio-political networks at fairly senior levels. 

  • Typically the right candidate would have gained their business experience in a functional area but no specific functional specialist experience is preferred over another. 

  • A significant amount of advocacy and policy development work is needed so the candidate needs to bring structured thinking and argumentation, ability to establish personal credibility with C-level and senior public sector players, influencing skills as well as very good oral and written communication skills. 

  • Some experience in corporate strategy development will be an advantage

Leading KPIs 

  • Number of high impact nonmarket risks identified and neutralized/ mitigated or being actively managed

  • Number of nonmarket opportunities identified and used to Jumia advantage

Lagging KPIs

  • Number of nonmarket opportunities not utilised /missed

  • Number of nonmarket risks not identified and not managed that resulted in high impact on the business

We offer:

  • A unique experience in an entrepreneurial, yet structured environment

  • The opportunity to become part of a highly professional and dynamic team working around the world

  • An unparalleled personal and professional growth as our longer-term objective is to train the next generation of leaders for our future internet ventures.